Hosting an international student is a commitment; hosts have to be flexible, caring and friendly. Diamondbridge Study & Tours is an accredited English U.K registered Homestay provider. We place thousands of foreign students in London Homestays every year. We are currently recruiting for host families in zones 1-6 of London. If you are looking to make some easy extra money by just renting out a room, then becoming Diamondbridge study&tours homestays host family is right choice for you.

The profile of our host families varies significantly and reflects the very multicultural nature of London. Homestay families with often tell us that welcoming an international student to their home has helped them and their own children broaden their minds and understand other ways of doing things. We have couples with no children or whose children have left home who enjoy the extra company and also being able to help a short term visitor settle into the country.

Host families enjoy the opportunity to meet new international friends. Many of them remain in contact with their guests long after they leave. Being a host family is a great way to share our language and culture and learn more about other cultures. We are always looking for really great hosts families who will welcome students and interact with them as a member of their own family.

IF you are able to answer ‘Yes’ to ALL of the below, then you might be eligible to become DBSTUDY&TOURS London Host Family, you will need to be able to answer all. If you are unable to, please kindly call us on 020 3417 3536 or 07436793752 to discuss further.

I am ready to offer a clean, warm, welcoming, “home away from home” experience to my student *       Yes No
I will interact, engage, and support my student, treating them as one of the family and not as a paying guest *       Yes No
There is spare room in my own home *       Yes No
English is the main language spoken at home *       Yes / No
I live within walking distance to a zone 1-6 tube/rail station in London *       Yes / No
I am pleased for the student to share all communal living areas i.e. the lounge *       Yes / No
I am pleased to provide students over 18 years old with a front door key *       Yes/ No
I am pleased to allow my student to have one wash load of clothes once weekly *       Yes/ No
I am pleased with the short term nature of Homestay (average 4-6 weeks stays) *       Yes / No
I am pleased with the ‘from time to time’ nature of Homestay *       Yes / No
I appreciate that hosting students will not provide the regular and significant secondary income that a long term lodger would. *       Yes / No

If you are happy to start the process of applying to become a DBstudytours London host family, then simply click , download and fill our application form, email it to us or contact our London office, . Please ensure you read through our Host family handbook for further information on hosting International students. 

Host Application Form….DB Homestay Host Application Form