Guardianship Services

This service gives students and parents the comfort to know that their son/daughter is being well looked after inside and outside of school, so their main focus can be on their academics. Schools in the UK require all international students to have a Guardian aged over 25 who is a resident in the UK. Whereas the schools are responsible for your child’s welfare during the school term, there are number of occasions either during the term, such as half terms and exerts, during the holidays or when your child is ill where the responsibility to look after your child falls to the legal Guardian.

About our  Guardian families

During the times when the school is closed DB Study& Tours takes on responsibility of providing a host family with whom the students live whilst the school remains closed. During these days, English Guardian maintains the role of the child’s legal guardian while the host family is responsible for the day to day care. We take the process of choosing families we work with carefully, and we stay in touch with them constantly. Our families are based in different parts of England, and are chosen depending on where the school is located or where our pupils live. All students live in a comfortable environment, and each of them has their own room properly equipped for studies and leisure activities.

Guardians’ duties 

Guardians act as a link between parents and the child’s school. They help the child with any problems that might arise – day-to-day, academic, and organizational; keeps track of the child’s performance at school and attends parents’ meetings. It is very important to detect school-related problems at early stages and that in many ways it depends on the guardian’s experience and skills. All decisions the guardian takes with regards to the child are first discussed with the parents.

So what’s included?

       An airport welcome

  • Weekly contact from your Local Co-coordinator
  • Arrangement of transport and accommodation
  • Attendance at school functions e.g. parent and teacher meetings
  • A DB study & Tours Guardianship expenses lodgment
  • Emergency contact 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Consultations with parents and students before arrival to the UK, organizational questions discussion
  • tutors and individual lessons arrangements if necessary
  • Help in choosing the subjects for GCSE, A-level
  • Protection of student’s interests at school in case of conflicting or difficult situations
  • Correspondence with schools on behalf of parents to monitor and approve extracurricular activities
  • Health problems assistance
  • Cooperation with legal organizations – police, hospitals, insurance.

     What isn’t included?

Examples of additional costs charged to the expenses lodgment:

  • Transport costs
  • Host family accommodation
  • Pocket Money
  • School Excursions
  • Flight ticketing / bookings

Example of our Principal Guardianship fee per student.

Registration Fee 135.00  
Annual Guardianship Fee 1,485.00
Expenses Lodgement 1,200.00
Total amount due on application 2,820.00
Other charges(where applicable)
Christmas Supplement 180.00
Holiday Guardianship Fee                        6.00  per day
Please note that Holiday Guardianship Fee is only charged to students who stay for the long holidays where most students return home and therefore no guardianship is normally charged.

Apply for Guardianship services with us, Please Click here; DB STUDY GUARDIANSHIP APPLICATION FORM fill out our application form, email it to us or contact us directly.