What’s Great About Diamond Bridge Study-tours

At dbstudytours we have carefully researched and prepared classic unusual itineraries that many other operators do not offer. Wondering how to find a study abroad program that you’ll talk about and share memories of for years to come? Diamondbridge study & tours will guide and assist to know the rudiment of the requirements, especially when choosing an overseas educational program, it’s important to have a mix of work and play. While academics is the top priority, learning about and enjoying the culture and local flare of your temporary home is also important. Some of the most important decisions you’ll need to make revolve around location, duration of stay, and area of study. If cold weather isn’t your thing, Iceland probably isn’t for you. Similarly, if you aren’t studying a foreign language, it may be best to choose an English-speaking location.


Being surrounded by the right atmosphere can be almost as important as the overall study abroad experience. Enjoy short homestays  from home, with our world class homestays families or private/ hotel accommodation at any location with special and discounted rates in any chosen holiday location. We can also arrange chauffeur driven services, and  airport pick-ups throughout the duration of your stay. We will  ensure that all your needs are catered for. Students who enjoy being constantly surrounded by their peers will likely do well in dormitory-style housing offered by host universities, while those who enjoy their quiet time may want to seek private accommodation. Diamondbridge will provide and ensure all of these options are offered in their chosen location.


Students stay with host families during school breaks, some weekends, and bank holidays. Staying with a host family provides a welcome change from being in a school to home environment, it is also an opportunity to get to know British culture and make new friends. All our host families share three essential qualities; they are respectful and sensitive to the needs of the person living with them.  Students are provided with private, clean and comfortable rooms, all contributing to a positive and balanced study environment.

The main reason our host families provide accommodation is to present an opportunity for both foreign students and British families.  The opportunity being that both parties are able to interact socially and academically with one another’s culture.  This is particularly common for families with younger children where parents are keen for them to find out more about other cultures and get excited about learning foreign languages.

Comfort, reliability, and safety

  • We carefully select the families we work with and stay in constant contact with them. Our families are located in different parts of the UK but in a close proximity to schools.
  • Students have their own room with all the necessary modern conveniences which allow for study and rest.
  • We interview each family to make sure they meet the highest standards and are able to offer our students comfortable and safe living conditions. We thoroughly check all references requested and all families undergo a Criminal Background Check.

Unique Designed Tours & Activities

Our expert travel insider teams from our offices around the globe carefully handpick the best local tour and activity providers. We pre-vet to ensure all customers always have an extraordinary tailored experience. Our services also provide coach excursions and explore Tours bonded by UK ABTA tour operators which provide quality short breaks and day trips and extension tours for groups, taking you from our Three Capitals Tour around the UK to a Scenic Rail tour including Disneyland Paris, Switzerland and Italy.


Take your football passion to a global scale by our Football Academy

Diamond Bridge Study & Tours works in partnership with leading football clubs, training camps and professional coaches to give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour just like the pros. We provide a unique Junior English plus Sports Football academy between The Language Gallery and Liverpool Football Club. It offers English and Non English speaking children the opportunity to learn new skills in a fun and positive environment. Students in the LFC International Academy and Educational Programmes will enjoy an exciting programme designed to give 12-17 years old the chance to learn to play the Liverpool way, whilst having the unique opportunity to interact with children from across the globe.Our aim is to provide the youth of today with a platform to show off their potential, learn new skills and techniques in a fun, inclusive and safe environment, all under the guidance of our highly qualified LFC coaching staff.

The Services we offer

  • Your own account manger
  • VISA Help & Support
  • Travel and accommodation bookings
  • Short holidays and junior summer school activities
  • Junior English plus Sports program such as Football. Golf, Table Tennis,
  • Walking tours, & attraction centers
  • Parent and Children stay together study tours
  • Excursions and day trip tours
  • Guarantee Chinese VISA application & support stay services

Colleges and universities placements, universities scholarship

Making the right choice of school for your child can be one of the most difficult decisions a parent has to make, and living overseas can compound the difficulties. Whilst the “League Tables” of schools can give an indication of academic results for a given year, the tables ignore everything else a school may have to offer. There are many excellent educational agents throughout the world who may be able to assist you and Diamondbridge Study & Tours will also offer a unique help and support.

School Advice

DBstudytours has direct relationships with around 250 schools and Universities throughout England and Wales, both through our placement service and guardianship, and we would be delighted to help you and your child’s application for a place at a UK boarding school, universities or collages.

  • We will make an assessment of the individual student, taking into account academic ability, confidence and strengths such as art, music and sport
  • We will normally recommend up to three schools for consideration based on important factors such as:
    • religious affiliation
    • rural versus city
    • size of school
    • percentage of overseas students
    • mixed or single sex
    • pastoral care
  • We will make contact with the school, arrange and accompany your child to interviews and follow up with registration as required

Loveth Poge is your first step in selecting an appropriate school, kindly contact her via telephone 0203 417 3536 0r 0208 953 5759 or email.

We also provide offer a wide short to long term range of programmes tailored to meet and exceed the needs of both students and the industry. You have full flexibility to choose the duration, location and delivery pattern for your course and will be encouraged to share your specific requirements. These include undergraduate (foundation, bachelors, HND), postgraduate (masters and MBA) and professional programmes, as well as our suite of executive education programmes which geared towards the most driven, ambitious candidates from around the globe.

We at diamondbrige study & tours are committed to the highest standard of education provision.

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