Diamondbridge study & tours (DBstudytours) is incorporated to deliver a comprehensive range of educational and leisure services, offering students a life-changing experience and unique opportunity to learn in – and about – a different culture. We are accredited English U.K, accommodation & leisure service provider registered in United Kingdom,  with regional offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt Nigeria . The highlight of our services is to bring our customers unique convenience holiday packages, educational opportunities, guardianship and accommodation services, Visa assistance and adversary services, and pre-arranged transportation services within your reach.

We started by offering guardianship, private / homestays accommodation services, to customers and children studying in UK boarding schools whose parents live overseas. We understand that moving to another country or changing school has serious psychological impact on children, and we strive to help with all the issues that might arise during their stay in foreign countries. Diamondbridge study & tours works with Discovery tours group London, in partnership with Oxford International Education Group United Kingdom and renowned schools, colleges, universities around the globe. Countries which we are more focused are United Kingdom, China, Canada, U.S.A, and Europe bringing a unique educational and leisure services to all our customers.

The team at Diamond bridge study & tours comprises of pragmatic and distinctive experts who are exceptional in working with all customers, agents, and education services providers, this builds a strong relationship between all customers on both formal and informal bases.

We would also, be delighted to work with new international agents in support of our services offering mutual benefits.  Diamondbridge Study and Tours, pride ourselves on delivering carefully designed programmes set in a secure and engaging environment where students can study, socialize and be creative. The safety and welfare of our customers is paramount in all we do, by following guidelines set down by the British Council and English UK, our customers focused teams ensure that all our programmes are run in carefully selected colleges by highly skilled professionals. We  pledge to be instrumental in advancement and actualization of customers goals at affordable fees.



  • Diamond Bridge Study & Tours is a small and fast-growing company accredited by English U.K. We work fast, open to new Ideas and always happy to offer our clients bespoke solutions.
  • We value all our clients and give necessary personal attention to each.
  • We carefully select our host families and people who will meet our customers, and drop off your children at the airport. Equally important is matching a family to a particular child and if the relationship is not working we will find another family for the child.
  • We work closely with schools and agents in all parts of the destination countries which we operate
  • We do not charge extra cost when reserving accommodation and tours booking to make sure we provide great value for our clients.
  • We ensure that confidential information is protected at all times and only shared with others strictly in accordance with our policy on confidentiality;
  • We work in partnership with other agencies in support of our services in order to ensure a seamless and cost-effective service in a flexible and responsive manner.



  • At dbstudytours we have carefully researched and prepared classic and unusual itineraries that many other operators do not offer.
  • Our tours are tailored to suit specific requirements – with fully-inclusive programme of on-site activities, at 14 global exclusive summer school centres from traditional tours to once-in-a-lifetime experiences,
  • We offer local school visits, coach excursions, discos and talent shows covering London areas to far away from London locations and outside the United Kingdom Toronto, U.S.A and Vancouver to New York.
  • We pride ourselves on also delivering carefully designed private boarding schools, colleges and universities with International Students Scholarships Awards.
  • Bespoke service offerings and recommendation on selecting school and programme by renowned universities set in a secure and engaging environment where students can study, socialise and be creative.
  • We provide special rates and discounted short stay home from home world class private holiday or homestay accommodation of your choice in any chosen holiday location offered by our dbstudytours with a chauffeur driven transportation services taking you to and from the airport and if needed, all through the stay duration
  • Multiple payment individuals and groups options
  • Guaranteed Safety and Privacy
  • Creation of personal file for each client while maintaining confidentiality